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Local tech heroes

Atlas Systems, a local tech services business located in Shawnee, OK, approached me to update their website. They had a base page with basic information, and they wanted something more dynamic. But it was important to keep things simple and easy to use for their customers and prospective customers too. Together, we came up with a design that is clean, sleek, and modern. The entire site uses only three pages (a home page, services page, and contact page) to keep navigation simple. Their new website speaks gives their customers a quick and easy way to look up services information, and get in contact with their company.

Atlas opted to code this content themselves, so I provided detailed PDF proofs along with the necessary graphics for them to do so.

Project skillset
  • Layout and design of home page, contact us, and services pages
  • Light editing of text content provided by company
  • Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator
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A Labor of Love

Full disclosure, Eileen Wilks is my mother. Now, that aside we’ve managed to work together on this website for over a decade (without killing each other) and in that time she’s developed her own series and hit the NY Times Bestsellers List. Eileen is an incredibly talented writer and I’m proud to help represent her online presence.

This site runs using WordPress, a CMS (content management system) application also used on this site, katiecreativedesign.com. I did the initial set up and formatting, and now Eileen is free to make most of her own updates and changes to the articles and blog posts contained in the site. This means she no longer has to call me at 8 PM to correct a typo or to put up a news post on her newest release date. Self management at its best!

I’ve also integrated her Facebook and Twitter accounts into the site, so it’s social friendly and incredibly easy for her fans to get in touch with her.

Project skillset
  • Automatic posting of updates across social media
  • Graphic design and ongoing updates
  • Initial installation and coding of WordPress theme
  • Programs: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, html/css coding, wordpress
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