Love Hazards

Every quarter Farmers Insurance puts out their Seasonal Smarts Digest featuring smart ways to keep your home and car safe during that season’s hazards. Every so often they put out a special holiday-related version too, and that’s what this is. Love Hazards was published on February 14, 2018. Check out the Seasonal Smarts Digest at

graphic design ⋅ May 20, 2018

Neighborhood Night Out flyer and logo design

Neighborhood Night Out business card flyer and logo design for the Eagles South neighborhood.

graphic design ⋅ January 23, 2015

Thank a Million Teachers infographic

Thank a Million Teachers is a campaign to show support of America’s teachers and educational systems.

graphic design ⋅ January 21, 2015

St. Bernard Project rebuild

St. Bernard Project does an annual home rebuild to mark the anniversary of Hurricane Sandy.

graphic design ⋅ January 17, 2015

Robert Brady 2014 Memorial 5k

Design for the 4th annual Robert Brady 2014 Memorial 5k.

graphic design ⋅ July 24, 2014

Local tech company, Atlas Systems, approached me to turn their basic website into a clean, modern site with easy to access information their customers would love.

web design ⋅ January 26, 2014

Catastrophe response buses

Wrap designs for Farmers Insurance’s catastrophe response vehicles.

graphic design ⋅ December 15, 2013

Rebuild Joplin infographic

Infographic to highlight the volunteer efforts of workers

graphic design ⋅ November 2, 2013

Blaze the Night 2013

Shirt and logo for the 3rd Annual Blaze the Night 5k and Fun Run

graphic design ⋅ September 21, 2013

Rebuild Joplin vehicle wraps

Wrap designs for vehicles donated to the Rebuild Joplin charity helping residents recover from the 2011 tornado.

graphic design ⋅ July 1, 2013

Big data illustrations

I created a series of illustrations and an infographic on BIG LEARNING DATA

graphic design ⋅ June 20, 2013

Page view infographic

Infographic created to celebrate a successful internal employee site launch in 2012.

graphic design ⋅ December 19, 2012

I designed this site for NY Times bestselling author, Eileen Wilks to showcase her urban fantasy books.

HTML-CSS ⋅ November 3, 2012

Blaze the Night 2012

Logo and shirt design for the 2nd Annual Blaze the Night 5k and Fun Run.

graphic design ⋅ June 7, 2012

Honeymoon postcards

For my honeymoon my husband and I decided to create a blog with “postcards” from each location we visited.

graphic design ⋅ April 14, 2012